Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today I finished my treatments for round 4. Wed. I had my chemo and today i recieved a new drug hercepton. The chemo is a new drug and I handled it very well, a little tired but no sickness. The herception is a new drug that I must have because I am HER2 positive. My tumor tested positive for HER2 receptor and progesterone positive, so I require more drugs after the chemo is finished. I take herception IV for a year, every 21 days and then I take another drug Tomoxofin for 5 years. Both drugs should help with all the receptors and keep the cancer away!!!
So just 2 treatments left then a little break to recover then I will have surgery. Start radiation and themn in the new year go for reconstruction so look out a new women by March!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It has been a long time since I have blogged. I am not sure why but I was not feeling like I had anything to say. I know really, me having nothing to say Ha! But now I do so I have logged on.
Today I recieved a package in the mail. It was wrapped in pretty pink paper and was sent to me by my friend Sharon and many of her friends ALL of whom I have never met. You see many moons ago Sharon moved to NB to chase a boy and she now lives there happily ever after. I met Sharon at my first grown up job and instantly connected with her, her spirit, her kindness, and her love for doing good. So after the packaged arrived it got me to thinking. Why did she send it? She did not have to. That got me thinking why has anyone done the wonderful things they have done since I have been diagnosed? I have not done anything special for any of the people who have extended me such kindness. Yes, I try to be kind, fair and honest but I am far from perfect. I am not sure that I understand why they all have been so wonderful.
It is strange really because some of the big gestures that have been extended to me are well beyond anything I could have every asked for or thought of for myself.(Thank you my HIS family).
Every day someone from my HIS family bakes my family dinner or something yummy. Why? Some of the families I have a personnell connection because I taught their child but most only know me as the Rising 5's teacher. So why prepare a meal, a good meal for someone they just know.
Darren's ball team are fundraising and walkking in the Run for the Cure for me. Why? We are having a Pink Ribbon night to help raise money and the team we are playing are Halifax Pelham Electric are buying and wearing hats with pink P's. Why? They don't know me.
This past weekend some of my relatives put up with freezing weather and rain to have a yard sale to help our family finanicially.
Then there is all the small gestures. Cards in the mail, cleaners coming to my house, people looking after my children, taking me to appointments, sitting with me during chemo and just the kind words people have extneded to me. People letting me now they are saying a little pray for me, keeping me in their thoughts or just asking me how are things.
My true friends and family have stepped up to the plate, as we would say in our house and truley shown me that they are there for me and my family. Each day brings so many emotions but to day I feel grateful.
Grateful for my children,
Grateful for my husband,
Grateful for my family,
Grateful for my friends,
and grateful for all those who have extended us kindness.
There is no way I will every be able to say THANK YOU or even repay the kindness shown to us. But I can say that I will fight this disease and WHEN I am better I will pay it forward.

Thank You to all ......