Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today I finished my treatments for round 4. Wed. I had my chemo and today i recieved a new drug hercepton. The chemo is a new drug and I handled it very well, a little tired but no sickness. The herception is a new drug that I must have because I am HER2 positive. My tumor tested positive for HER2 receptor and progesterone positive, so I require more drugs after the chemo is finished. I take herception IV for a year, every 21 days and then I take another drug Tomoxofin for 5 years. Both drugs should help with all the receptors and keep the cancer away!!!
So just 2 treatments left then a little break to recover then I will have surgery. Start radiation and themn in the new year go for reconstruction so look out a new women by March!!!!

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