Thursday, April 30, 2009

WOW !!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!
I just came home from my schools musical it was fantastic. I love being part of such a great place. I know we are not perfect all the time, but tonight we were. Heather J did a fantastic job, the kids were amazing. So much talent in such a little place. I loved every mintute. I have to go and watch Grey;s to see ifthey kill Izzy of with cancer-- seriously could that not have written in something else like a rare blood disorder or something...anyway..

Thinking of all in Herring Cove and around keep safe.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tonight 2 of my nieces, Kaylyn and Drew came over and we dyed a pink stripe in our hair. It was wonderful for them to do "something" to show they wanted to help. Thank you my girls I LOVE YOU!!! Pictures to follow soon..
I got my teeth cleaned today 3 cavities.. great so now I have to 3 fillings all at one time. My luck needs to change or somethin'. I am very excited that I get to go to the musical tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How do I become a follower of my followers???? Help!!!!

AHHHHH continued

Sorry, I was going to try on some wigs and my drive was there... I had fun actually trying on different hairstyles without any cutting or commitment. I have choosen three differnt styles oh the choices when your bald.... Stay tuned and see the many styles of Alana...and yes tell the kids there is a Hannah Monhana in there. I could be Alana Montana...who knows.

i wonder what I will do tomorrow many choices so much time. Tic toc....


Well guess what NO chemo...tomorrow. I have been put off a week.I am am annoyed to say the least. My Dr.Finn is worried about my statas as an OTC patient(very long story but the short is my family carries a defiecency in liver functions that bad things can happen if your body is put under a variety of stressors.) I am only a carrier and have never been affected or effected not sure...Valerie? anyway buy the deficiencey. But because my doc loves me he wants to wait until they have an ancedote on hand at the hospital just in case. So although I am greatly annoyed that I am waiting AGAIN. It is the safer thing to do. So next Wednesday" May the 6th is the big day. Don't write that in pen anywhere you will just waste the ink ..."pencil " it in. Haha!

But on the positive side. while i was waiting for my get weighed...dont they know it is bad enough to have a giant tumor growing in your body no they have to weigh you everytime you go. Like I need to se that number over and over.......Anyway..
I meet a wonderful lady in the waiting area who gave me a wig. I know sounds strange but it is true she heard Darren and I talking...keep ya posted gotta go for now

Monday, April 27, 2009

First and Last Day of Leisure

Well today was the first day of my "vacation". I thought if I call it something fun then maybe it won't seem so bad. I had a list of things a mile long to get done, so I dropped "The Mickle" (Mitchell) off at daycare and off I went...Walmart, Zellers, Children's Place and Winners all before 11 o'clock. Did not finish my list but spent a few $$$$$$. Then I had lunch with a cute boy. On my way home I thought how easy I had it for the morning. I had not broken up one fight, I did not ask anyone if they had to pee, nor did I wipe one snotty nose. A huge change from my usually Monday morning tasks. I did do some chores when I got how so it was not all fun and games.

I am very excited we have filled one team for Relay for Life. I have some sponsors THANK YOU. but feel free to collect some pennies and send them my way.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Today was my last day at school. It was great day. We had a great pink pary. The kids ate cake, candy and pink lemonade. I truly work with great grown ups and great kids. I will miss you all. Thinking of you all. Thank you Dawn, Megan and Jill for the party and the cards.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just got good news for a change.. My test results came back all good. There is no trace of spreading.
To bring everyone up to date:
I have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma- Breast Cancer
Wednesday April 29th will be my first session of Chemo.
I will be on a 21 day cycle that will last 6 sessions (end of August).
After that I will have surgery and then a round of radiation.

Now that you are up to date.
My family has put together a Relay for Life team (June 5th).
If you would like to support us you can by going to Canadian Cancer Society and follow the prompts. To pledge a participant- my team name is Alana's Angels. Thank you all .
It was suggested to me to start a blog to help communicate information to all those who are interested in my journey through Breast Cancer. I thought for a long time about what having a blog would mean. Would no one call? Would anyone look? Would I want to keep it up? I don't know any of those answers, but I do know that it may just be helpful to me to say what I want when I want. Please comment when you want, ask questions when you want. I will blog when I can and respond when I can.