Saturday, October 10, 2009

What does it mean to be thankful?

For as long as I can remember I have looked forward to Thanksgiving. But not because I was into the hoilday or really truley understand the whole thing but because it was the first holiday in the school year.When i was a kid it was an extra day off and more sleep, as grew older I enjoyed the sleep and the supper. You know you would say you were thankful for any number of things but this year it feels different. Have i really at 37 years old discovered what it means to be thankful.
I remember my first Christmas dinner with Darren's grandmother- Nan, about half way thorough dinner she said she hopes she will be here next year. I thought what is she talking about...then a few days later it was her birthday and she said the same thing. We joked about all the time but I get it now. She was thankful, thankful for the time she was here for the experiences she was had.
So this Thanksgiving I will enjoy the extra day off of school, the sleep in, the dinner and the time with my family. But most of all I will be thankful for just having the chance to have the experience. I am thankful for lots of stuff. Here is my list in no particular order, make your own list...When you can find anything good read your list ad I bet you will smile.

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